On October 9th, Compatriots from The Sandhills SAR Chapter were invited to attend The 13th Shaw House Heritage Fair, sponsored by the Moore County Historical Association. We had the pleasure of meeting many fine folks that stopped by to ask questions about the Sons of the American Revolution and to discuss the Revolutionary War events of Moore County. Several men inquired about SAR membership and one submitted his documentation to reinstate and transfer his inactive SAR Membership to the Sandhills Chapter. Many thanks to the Moore County Historical Association for their invitation to this event. Thanks to Sandhills Compatriots; Rod Herbig, Jack Laflin, Ramsey Blanks and Bruce Fensley for their support during this community event.

Rod Herbig helping an interested lady about the SAR & DAR

Two members of the Moore County Historical Association, stopped by the Sandhills Chapter tent to speak with Jack Laflin, Rod Herbig, and Bruce Fensley