Sandhills Compatriots and Associates,

The House in the Horseshoe Ceremony is quickly approaching and it looks like we will need the involvement of many chapter members to pull this off. As you know, the HIH ceremony is a “state” event for the SAR that was previously handled by the Le Marquis de Lafayette Chapter. Since we are closer to the site, it’s now ours and they were assigned another event to host.

The date is Saturday August 7th from 10:00 AM until about 11:30. We will need to arrive early to set up and there will be some take down afterwards. Timing will depend on how many chapters (SAR, DAR and CAR) will do wreath presentations.
The registration information was sent to all NC SAR Compatriots last week and we are seeing registrations for in person and virtual attendance as well as wreath presentations and Color Guard volunteers. If you haven’t yet, please go to the website under the calendar and register for August 7. A good showing from Sandhills is essential!

Sandhills volunteer assignments to date:
Dan Blair has agreed to do the invocation and benediction. Tom McInnis is our keynote speaker. Vic McMurry, Rod Herbig, Jack Laflin and Bruce Fensley will be in the Color Guard. I will be the MC.

A couple of guys have offered to help and we need to place you where you can be most helpful. Areas where we need your help:
1. Color Guard – we already have 4 from Sandhills as you must be in uniform – set
2. Registration and information table – 3 needed – information table can go longer than the ceremony to recruit new members. Bruce is getting a table, tent and chairs.
3. Computer operator – 1 – for the virtual zoom portion – critical need if you have that skill
4. Set up crew – 3
5. Take down crew – 2
6. Camera 1 – podium – on tripod
7. Camera 2 – Color Guard entrance/exit, Wreath presentations
8. Wreath presenter coordinator -1

Please let me know where you can help. Many thanks.

Mike Fusselbaugh
Sandhills House in the Horseshoe Chair