Sandhills SAR Chapter Veterans Day Observations

Saturday Nov. 6th. Veterans Memorial Park, Carthage, NC
Members of the Sandhills SAR Chapter participated in the Veterans Memorial Ceremony by placing a Memorial wreath and displaying the Chapter SAR Flag.

A big Thank You to Sandhills SAR Compatriot – Tommy Bolton Jr. for his generous donation to purchase our Veterans Patriotic Wreath.

New Sandhills Chapter Color Guard Compatriot!
Compatriot Victor Burns purchased his new outstanding Militia Uniform and will serve as another member of the Sandhills Chapter Color Guard. Doesn’t he look Great? Please remember that the NCSSAR will reimburse us for $100.00 toward purchasing a Revolutionary War Military or Militia uniform.

Sunday November 7th, Vietnam Veterans Field of Honor Ceremony
Members of the Sandhills SAR Chapter participated in The Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 966 (Moore County) Sponsored the Annual – Field Of Honor – Veterans Day Ceremony, at the West End Fire Dept.

Chapter 966 of the Vietnam Veterans of America created a Field of Honor that included 460 Memorial US Flags dedicated to the memory of the names of Military Veterans.

The Honored Guest of this Field of Honor Ceremony was World War II and The Normandy Invasion Naval Veteran, Mr. Edward Black of Moore County.

A Member of “The Greatest Generation”.

We Salute our Sandhills Compatriot, Hayden Fogle, who is currently serving our Country in the US Air Force.

Sandhills SAR Chapter Compatriots, Bill Carl and Chuck Spelman are both members of the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 966.

We Salute our Sandhills Chapter Veterans and All US Veterans who served to Protect Our Freedom.

We Can Never Forget.

Thank You for your Service to our Country and Defending Our Freedom.