Sandhills Chapter Awards

Sandhills Chapter VP, Mike Saulnier, represented the Sandhills Chapter at the NC State SAR Society Board of Managers Meeting on September 30th in Raleigh and received the 2023 Sandhills Chapter SAR Awards that were awarded at the 2023 SAR National Congress in Orlando, FL.

Our Sandhills Chapter received the following SAR National Awards.

1. Sandhills Compatriot and Region #3 NCSSAR Vice President, Pat Niemann was awarded the Gold Henry Knox Achievement Medal and Certificate for his Dedicated and Outstanding SAR Service.

Pat Niemann Received the Gold Henry Knox Medal and Certificate

2. Sandhills Chapter Registrar, Jack Laflin, was awarded the SAR Liberty Medal and Certificate for his Outstanding Services in the recruitment of new SAR Members.

3. The Sandhills Chapter was awarded the SAR President General’s Education Outreach Streamer and Certificate for Surpassing the required number of Colonial Era Historic or Educational Programs.

4. The Sandhills Chapter received a “Partners In Patriotism” Certificate for our contribution in Patriotic Outreach for the years 2022-2023.