2022 Veterans Day


Sandhills Compatriots,

Please remember that today is The Veterans Day Holiday. Be sure to display your American Flag at your home in remembrance of our American Veteran Heroes.

Our Color Guard Participated in and Presented a Sandhills Chapter Veterans Memorial Wreath at the Moore County Veterans Park in Carthage, NC. This beautiful wreath was generously donated by a very kind and dedicated Sandhills Compatriot.

Veterans Day legislation was signed into law by President Dwight Eisenhower on June 1st, 1954. From then on, we Honor All our American Veterans form All Wars.

While those who died are certainly remembered, Veterans Day is also set aside to Thank and Honor ALL those who served Honorably in the US Military. In War or during Peacetime.

To all our Sandhills Chapter Veterans – We Thank You for Your Service –

Sandhills Chapter actually has a Compatriot who is now actively serving in our Military.  USAF

 Compatriot Hayden Fogle, We Salute You and Thank You for Your Service to Our Country.


Please Note:

VVA Chapter 966 Field of Honor.

What Goes UP, Must Come Down!

If anyone has a free Monday morning on November 14th, (9:00 AM -11),

our Vietnam Veterans partners, Chapter 966, could use some volunteers to

help retrieving the 480 American Flags and packaging them for storage until next year. The Field of Honor is located at the West End Fire Department within sight of Rt-211 in West End, NC. 

We had a good group of Sandhills volunteers helping the VVA to create the Field of Honor for Veterans Day.  Remember that “Many Hands, Make Light Work”.

Consider joining us.

God Bless All Our Veterans

Fraternally Yours, Bruce Fensley